August 2017 Rocksbox review + photos

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Quick life update: I finished my internship in Austin and am now back in Louisville. In my five days on unemployment, I have done various things like read, catch up on House of Cards, and try to figure out how adults make friends.

While I do those things (especially that last one), I thought I’d post a quick review of my most recent Rocksbox. For those unfamiliar, Rocksbox sends you three pieces of jewelry after you fill out a style quiz and select some of your favorite pieces from their online gallery. You can keep the jewelry as long as you want as long as you pay around $20 a month. You can use that fee to help buy the jewelry, or you can send the stuff back for new jewels.


I have a tendency to sign up for these things (remember Stitch Fix?) when I’m balling out of control, so I’m writing this to remind myself of the good ole days of employment (last week).

I got lucky this time around (or maybe they changed their policies in the year I used the service last) and two of the items came from my wish list. Generally, I like everything I got – good – but probably shouldn’t be spending the last of my money on jewelry – bad.

Slate Ami Necklace in gold and black

Slate Ami Necklace in gold and black – $63

First was this statement necklace. I have tendency to go for anything gold and black, and this was no exception. That’s the pro of this. The con: I also have a tendency to forget I’m not a huge statement necklace fan. This two-layer piece kept getting caught on my shirt collar, which annoyed me. Had I worn it with a higher shirt, perhaps it would have worked better.

Slate Ami Necklace in gold and black

Keep or return: Eh, probably return.

Aster Camellia ring in labradorite

Aster Camellia ring in labradorite

Aster Camellia ring in labradorite – $49

Second was this ring. I’ve had issues with Rocksbox rings in the past because I can never remember my ring size, so I get sent the wrong size and can’t wear it. Thankfully, I’ve overcome my shortcomings and figured out how large my fingers are. The stone was larger than I expected, but still worked allowed me to type when I wore it to work (RIP internship). The gray has a tiny bit of brown in it, making it unique but still a contender as a staple piece.

Keep or return: (If I get hired somewhere) Keep.

Wilde Sayulita fringe earrings in gold and peach

Wilde Sayulita fringe earrings in gold and peach – $49

Third were these earrings, which were the only surprise in the box as the other two items were on my wish list. I recently chopped my hair off, so I was worried these would be longer than my hair/look weird. They do neither, nor do they hurt my increasingly sensitive ears. The only problem is what do I wear them with? I don’t know. But the good news is they look good.

Keep or return: Probably return.

Want to try Rocksbox for yourself? Use the code OLIVIABFF184 for a free month. (Bonus: They have Kendra Scott jewelry.)

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